Top 25

Who are the most popular female celebrities? publishes every Monday an updated top 25 of the most frequently visited celebrities. Positions marked in green indicate a climber, red indicates a drop and finally black indicates the same position as the week before.

Top 25
2(1)Elisabeth Shue
3(-)Maria Sharapova
4(-)Jennifer Aniston
4(-)Kimber Mahon
6(-)Adriana Lima
6(-)Azela Robinson
6(-)Jacqueline Garc
6(-)Joan Crawford
6(-)Kareena Kapoor
6(10)Kate Winslet
6(-)Kelly Clarkson
6(-)Kristen Stewart
6(-)Kristin Scott Thomas
6(-)Lina So
6(-)Lisa Kudrow
6(-)Liz Boyle
6(-)Madhuri Dixit
6(4)Mariah Carey
6(-)Marilyn Monroe
6(-)Sarah Michelle Gellar
22(-)Aaliyah Haughton
22(-)Adele D'Man
22(-)Adriana Cata
22(-)Ahni Luv

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