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Paris Hilton was born on February 17th 1981. Heiress, model, actress, author and soon to be pop diva, Paris has a flair for finding attention. Her February birthday makes her an Aquarian in the Zodiac, which is ruled by Uranus. Ms. Hilton's love of groups, shock value, and freedom seem to indicate that she fits her sign perfectly.

Born in NYC, Paris attended the prestigious Dwight school, and subsequently dropped out and earned her GED. A luxury only an heiress could afford. Her family is none other than the Hilton's of ritzy hotel chain fame. She is best known for her sex video which was released by her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon in 2004. Paris later sued her ex and won $400,000 and a percentage of the profits from the video. Hats off, (or should I say clothes off) to Paris for donating her court winnings to charity.

Ms. Hilton has never been married but has had two broken engagements. Her first fiancÚ was model Jason Shaw, second was, Greek shipping heir, Paris Latsis. Both relationships were ended before a long walk down the aisle.

In her first real acting gig, she and her childhood friend, Nicole Ritchie starred in the Fox TV series, The Simple Life. The show first aired shortly before her sex video came out, so it might be considered her second acting gig. Since then Hilton and Ritchie have parted company and have ended their long friendship for mysterious reasons.

Her first music album is due out in September of 2006 and is claimed to be a mixture of pop, rock, hip hop and dance. The album is tentatively titled-you guessed it-Paris.

In November 2004 she participated in Sean Combs "Vote or Die" campaign and was criticized when it was learned that she neither voted nor was registered to vote. P. Diddy might want to consider doing a background check for his next Vote or Die. It would certainly help in convincing other to vote, if those involved actually voted. With all her fascinating antics to observe from the sidelines, were just glad that Paris didn't die from not voting.

  • She is the oldest of four children
  • She has four dogs a monkey and a cat
  • PETA named her worst dressed celeb of the year in 2005
  • She doesn't like the taste of alcohol and drinks Red Bull when out partying
  • She owns a chain of nightclubs called Club Paris
  • Her eyes are brown, she wears blue contact lenses
  • Her hair is brown, she colors it blond

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